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Jessica Suarez

Hello 👋🏽 ! I'm Jessica Suarez, and I'm a product & editorial specialist who loves turning editorial strategy into product experiences. Check out my work above and below.

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I've been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica. And soon...

I'v been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica. And soon after I started watching I started thinking I really like the dude who plays Felix Gaeta. Then I started thinking. It would be awesome to meet him. Later: “I bet I could meet him at like, some

Selected Entries From My Pitchfork Half-Decade Ballot

Albums 5. Wild Beasts: Present Tense 6. EMA: Past Life Martyred Saints 8. WU LYF: Go Tell Fire to the Mountain 12. Ciara: Ciara 16. Swans: The Seer 19. Sharon Van Etten: Tramp 25. Pusha T: My Name Is My Name 26. Marnie Stern: Marnie Stern 33. Childish Gambino: Camp

New pieces: rollingstone.com and Pitchfork

I’m writing again! I had a bit of a break because I was employed by publications that didn’t want me doing music writing for other places, which was a bummer. But that’s a common part of full-time staff life. Anyway, I wrote my first little bits for

Maybe I Should Just Put This Post in My Signature Line

I’m steadily getting my Gmail and work email count back down to zero with the help of The Email Game, Saneinbox, and some increasingly intense conditional filters. As I’ve gotten close to zero, I’ve realized a few things that I didn’t realize before I began working

Speaking of sexism and writing about music

Speaking of sexism and writing about music. Here about is a comment, probably my favorite of all time, from Gorilla Vs. Bear. When I worked at Pitchfork I saw comments on his posts all the time from anonymous readers saying I had ripped off his posts, when everyone gets the

TheInterviewr - A Web App for Recording Interviews

Now that I’m a full-time editor again I haven’t interviewed anyone in about a year, so I haven’t kept up with new apps and tools for interviewing and transcribing. Actually, that first part isn’t 100% true. I just interviewed my friends Chris and Courtney about their

Drafts is Quicksilver for Your iPhone or iPad

I am still devoted to Quicksilver, even though other, friendlier launchers like Alfred, have overtaken it in the Mac app launcher field. I spend a lot of the time I save using Quicksilver wishing that other applications were as elegant and simple as Quicksilver. Drafts is a newish iPhone app,

Solange, "Losing You"

I’ve been listening to this song and watching the video over and over again to try to figure out what I like about it. Because what I don’t like about it is easy to figure out, one listen in. There’s no chorus to this song. I mean,

Brooklyn, You Should Vote in Thursday's Local Primary

tl;dr version at the bottom. Thursday, 9/13 is the state and local primary here in New York. A lot of people I’ve seen or talked to, especially in post-OWS New York, think voting and elections (national elections, nevermind the local primary that no one ever votes in)

I was in a band once, we opened for the Gossip

What you see above is the only remaining evidence that I ever played music in public. I found an old unlabeled VHS tape in a box but I put off digitizing until this year. (I took the tape to Digitas, by the way, a great and friendly digital shop in

If you care about something you should measure it

Over the last couple years I’ve become a huge believer in self-quantifying.  It started with Your Flowing Data, a website that let me take measurements of whatever useless bits of biographical information I wanted to keep track of: The number of times I ate lentils that year, what movies

The redesigned SPIN is like a Lana Dey Rey song

A month ago SPIN debuted its new, redesigned, bi-monthly format. As both a music editor and a former writer of music reviews for SPIN, I was curious about it, though in a personal-low-stakes kind of way. If I were still freelancing for SPIN, I’d worry about their decision to

I have some thoughts about Titanic 3D

(First I have to disclose that I work for Viacom, which owns Paramount, which is releasing Titanic 3D. But please make no mistake: If you see Titanic I will make money. Boatloads of it. Something like $3 per ticket or $2 if you take home your returnable glasses.) Men cry

I was hacked and it sucked

A couple weeks ago I was doing a little lite self-Googling when I found a new link on my website: Viagra UK. I clicked on it — I mean, how could you not? And it brought me to a Canadian-based online pharmacy. I had been hacked with the Pharma hack. This

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

My birthday happened a few weeks ago, and my birthday bar party happened a couple weeks later. I’ve had this idea — to insert myself int a Michael Jackson video — for a while, but my birthday seemed like the right time to follow through. Bizzy also talked to Nate and